Are your 12 volt garden lights electrically safe?

Yes low voltage lighting is very safe - the 12 volt system is used in cars for this very reason and in garden situations 12 volt fixtures are ideal. In addition to this, HUNZA fixtures are approved to comply with safety and electrical standards around the world.


How many fixtures can I operate off one transformer?

It is a simple calculation - if you have a 300 watt transformer then you can operate up to 6 x 50 watt lamps (300 / 50 = 6 lights) or 15 x 20 watt lamps (300 / 20 = 15).


What size cable do I need?

Obtain from your local HUNZA stockist a free HUNZA cable calculator which will calculate volt drop, cable size and cable distance. You can also download a simple volt drop chart from our website by clicking here.


How long can I run the cable?

Obtain from your local HUNZA stockist a free HUNZA cable calculator which will calculate volt drop, cable size and cable distance. You can also download a simple volt drop chart from our website by clicking here


What does a beam angle mean?

It is the spread of light that reflector lamps project. HUNZA MR16 halogen fixtures are available with a choice of 10º, 36º or 60º lamps. The 60º lamp gives you the widest beam and the 10º lamp gives you the narrowest beam. Click on html for more information.


Are the fixtures 110/240 volt or 12 volt?

Most of our fixtures have 12 volt MR16 lamp fitted for safety and need to be connected to a 12 volt transformer. HUNZA offers transformers for either 240 volt or 120 volt electrical systems depending on your location. 110/240 volt GU10 lamps are also available and these do not require a transformer, however the range of options is more limited.


What materials are the fixtures made from?

Primarily Aluminium, Copper or 316 Stainless Steel. These options are not available for all fixtures. Please refer to the individual product pages for details.


Which material is the most durable?

Both copper and stainless steel are very durable however copper is ideal for most landscape work as it requires no maintenance and weathers to a patina that blends beautifully into the garden. Stainless steel works well on contemporary buildings and pathways however it may require regular cleaning to avoid surface staining when installed near the sea. Visit our Lighting Clinic for more information.

Are fixtures hot when running?

Yes - halogen fixtures can become quite hot after running for some time if 50 watt lamps are used. Always place fixtures in a safe position that will minimize the chance of contact with bare skin. HUNZA also offers low heat lamp options such as LED and fluorescent.


How many fixtures will I need for my site?

This will depend on the level of light that you require. To gain a better perspective, please refer to the individual product page and download the specification sheet. On the second page of the specification sheet is a light pattern diagram, which shows the light output of the fixture. The diagram will help you decide how many lights you need.


Is halogen energy efficient?

Compared to a normal house lamp, yes, but there are higher efficiency lamps called IRC (Infared Coated) which have a layer on the glass envelope that reflects heat back onto the filament to make it produce more light. HUNZA also offers a range of low energy lamp options such as LED, fluorescent and metal halide.


Where do I buy replacement lamps?

MR16 lamps are readily available from supermarkets, shopping mall lighting stores, electrical wholesalers and building supply warehouses. Be sure to purchase a quality brand to ensure long lamp life and good colour rendition.


Should I have an electrician install fixtures?

We recommend that a qualified electrician installs the transformers and fixtures. Check that they have experience installing low voltage fixtures.


Are the fixtures waterproof?

Yes all of our fixtures are waterproof but this varies between models. Our pool and pond lights are the most waterproof but all are designed for use outdoors.


How do I stop water filling up my light fixtures?

All fixtures heat up while they are running. When the fixture cools down, the air inside cools and creates a vacuum inside the fixture. The vacuum applies pressure to the cable and tries to draw in moisture laden air. HUNZA fixtures are supplied with Anti-syphon, a moisture barrier system which stops water being drawn up the cable if a poor quality (non water tight) cable joint is made by the installer.


For environmental reasons can I upgrade my Hunza lights to LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps in the future?

Yes, in most cases our light fittings can be easily upgraded to LED. Please contact your local distributor for professional advice.