We will be periodically adding outdoor lighting case studies to this section of the website.


Extreme conditions demand a quality solution. So when the owners of this stunning high country estate looked to highlight the outside of their magnificent brick clad home, the choice of light fixtures was simple.

In this case study we take a break from landscape lighting and look at how HUNZA lights were employed to light the exterior of the house itself.

The HUNZA Pillar Lite is used with dramatic effect either side of this doorway. The irregular brick work is accented, producing superb shadow lines. Note how the beam washes the angled soffit emphasizing the architectural features.

Two lighting techniques are demonstrated above:

The potted plantings are uplit with the HUNZA Spike Spot Adjustable complete with glareguard emphasizing the slender trunks. The brickwork is downlit using the HUNZA Wall Down Lite, again accenting the texture of the surface and at the same time pooling sufficient light on the doorstep to provide a safe entry. Both applications use a narrow beam 10 degree lamp.

Again two images this time featuring the HUNZA Wall Down Lite mounted high and spaced equidistantly on the brick wall. The light pattern from the narrow beam lamp is contained within an alcove producing straight geometric lines.

All HUNZA™ fixtures designed for applications on the exterior walls of the building are available in 12 volt and 240 volt options.