We will be periodically adding outdoor lighting case studies to this section of the website.


This project features the home of one of Lighting Pacific's authorized installers, Victor Buckle. The lighting techniques combine dramatic visual effects with a functional and safe approach for family and friends.

Dramatic uplighting on mature palms both at the driveway entrance and again near the front entry uses the inground Lawn Lite.

The HUNZA™ Mouse Lite provides low level illumination in the turning bay from positions on the retaining wall.

Path Lites provide a visual marker down the driveway and along the path to the front entry. The visitor is drawn to the front door by a contrasting, brighter light in the front entry. The HUNZA™ Wall Spot (retro fit) is used for this purpose.

Landscape lighting should include the buildings to complete an integrated appearance.

The Wall Spot (retro fit) in solid copper above is an ideal solution if the requirement is to throw the light at any angle up to 90 degrees away from a fixed position on the side of a building or pergola. With almost 360 degrees of rotation the positioning of this fixture in relation to the subject being illuminated is very flexible.

The retro fit means the fixture can be fed directly from the mains voltage.


The bronze Mouse Lite is the answer when the situation calls for a low profile fitting providing a low level of illumination that needs to be controlled in a strictly downward fashion.

This fixture is surface mounted and installation is simple, the installer having to allow only for the entry of the low voltage cable.