We will be periodically adding outdoor lighting case studies to this section of the website.


Lighting Pacific recently worked with landscape designer Suzanne Turley and authorised installer Victor Buckle to create an innovative exterior lighting solution for a large Remuera garden.

A family wedding provided the incentive to complete the project on time, and the installation and commission was carried out with a minimum of disruption to the family.

This case study looks at how the various lighting fittings were used to maximum effect. Apart from the eave lights used in the pool house all fittings were supplied in 9mm solid copper.

The pool pavilion lit from under the soffit by the E-Lite in 316 stainless steel. 35w 38 deg lamps were used at centres of 1.5m.

Demonstrating a typical application for the Pillar Lite. This fixture is ideal for posts and pillars and the resulting light pattern is particularly effective on weatherboard. 20w 24 deg lamps used.


Another application for the HUNZA™ Euro Single Pole Lite illuminating this statue from each side giving an even wash from front on as viewed from glass doors opening onto the patio.

The HUNZA™ Lawn Lite is installed either side of this planted urn at the front entrance to the home which takes care of the 2 main viewing angles. 20w 38deg lamps used. To the left, the higher output in ground AR 1-11, using a 100w 45deg light source, illuminates a large mature tree.

Two HUNZA™ Wall Spots mounted high and to either side of this statue draw the eye to this classic piece of art work as the evening draws in. 20w 38deg lamps used.

This image demonstrates the versatility of the Spike Spot Adjustable. Here the head of the spot has been angled at 90deg to the spike to enable a wash of light along the brick path and throwing secondary light onto the hedge opposite providing safe access to the pool area. To maximise glare control the Glare Guard is fitted. 20w 38deg lamps used.