We will be periodically adding outdoor lighting case studies to this section of the website.


Good quality exterior and landscape lighting is an important component of any landscape upgrade. It makes little sense to invest in landscape design and implementation if it cannot be appreciated after 5.30pm on a winter's night. This case study demonstrates how a small number of discreetly placed fixtures can transform a daytime outdoor dining and entertaining area into a visually warm and inviting extension of the home after dark.

Reflecting soft light off the wall creates a cosy, intimate setting. Note how the light sources are at two levels—this generates a soft, ambient light without glare. Always be careful to avoid strong light sources over dining areas; use a maximum 20w lamp with dimming capability. A task light such as this should also be separately switched.

An attractive, wind protected candle feature is a good option if additional table top light is required.

At the upper level, the plantings are backlit using the Spike Spot Adjustable, producing a silhouette effect.

ABOVE: Step lights provide illumination to safely negotiate stairs at night and add to the overall light level in the space, reducing the need for overhead light sources. Step lights should always be positioned as low as possible to avoid glare.

The above example employs the HUNZA™ Step Lite Solid Eyelid.