The Retro Wall Transformer 120/240 volt version is available for HUNZA wall mounted fixtures, for example the Wall Spot, Wall Down Lite, Pillar Lite, Pagoda Lite, Euro Wall Spots and Euro Pillar Lite.

With an electronic transformer built into the luminaire base (canopy), this option is designed for wall installations where mounting a remote transformer is not practical, e.g. in a brick wall where there is no space to recess the transformer or where an existing 120/240 volt light fitting needs to be replaced.

Retro luminaires are a very economical way to overcome potentially expensive installation problems.

With this option the base/canopy increases in depth to 48mm (1 7/8). All USA Retro wall mount fixtures are supplied with a wide backplate designed to suit a standard 3/0 or 4/0 junction box (this plate must be ordered separately for non-Retro fixtures - /WBAP).

The electronic transformer is 120 or 240/250 volt ac and is encapsulated in silicon. It is rated IP66 against water ingress, has a built-in safety shutdown system for overload and is dimmable with a leading edge dimmer. It will power either 1 x 10 watt, 1 x 20 watt, 2 x 20 watt, 1 x 35 watt, 1 x 50 watt or 2 x 35 watt lamps.


120 volt 60Hz or 230 - 240 volt 50 Hz.


12 volts AC - 75 watt.


AS/NZ61046, EMC55015, EN61046, Z246, IP66

Transformers carry a five year replacement warranty.

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