These Glare Guards are a modular accessory suitable for many HUNZA MR16 luminaires.. They serve two purposes: firstly, to protect the eye from the direct glare or sparkle effect from the lamp; secondly, to provide an adjustable shield to direct unwanted light away from passers-by. When the Glare Guard is fitted to a groundmounted fixture such as a Pole Lite or Spike Spot, it helps the luminaire to disappear into the landscape or flowerbed, so only the illumination effect is observed. This accessory is ideal for a Wall Down Lite or Pillar Lite in an entrance to reduce the harshness of the illumination. The Glare Guard is also available in a Moonlight option (#GGML), which is a cylindrical shape instead of having the front cut at an angle. This version is used when a luminaire such as an NPS Spot or Pond Lite is mounted or suspended in a tree to create moonlighting effects. Available in a choice of UV stable powder coated finish (10 standard colours), solid copper or 316 stainless steel. The Glare Guard does not change the IP rating of the luminaire when fitted. The Glare Guard allows the use of higher wattage lamps on HUNZA MR16 landscape fixtures supplied in the USA and Canada. When this accessory is fitted, the maximum wattage increases from 20w to 35w for fixtures such as the Spike Spots, NPS Spot, Single and Twin Pole Lites and Twin Bar Lite. Transformers carry a five year replacement warranty.

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