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Cast Solid Bronze Flood Lite

Ground & Deck Mount, Wall Mount, Cast Solid Bronze


The Cast Solid Bronze Flood Lite is designed to be mounted on vertical surfaces. It can be used for wall washing, to provide directional light and to highlight architectural features and structural elements. It has a fully adjustable head, allowing 120 degree rotation and 0-120 degree elevation and can then be fixed in place using the inbuilt locking mechanism.

The cast solid bronze body makes this fitting perfect for installation where conditions may be harsh due to high acidity, high salt content, etc. 

Pure LED

LED Chip

Cree CXA 2540 Plug and Play field replaceable LED board


2300 Lumens @ 500mA

Lumens Per Watt

126 Lumens @ 18 watts

Colour Temperature

2700K, 3000K, 4000K

CRI Warm White (3000K)

80 Standard, 90+ Optional

Beam Angles

22, 33, 51 degrees

Physical Properties


Solid Bronze

Ingress Protection

IP68 *not for use in pool or ponds


AS/NZS 61046cUL 1838, 2108, CE

Power Supply Options

Recommended Power Supply

Remote (Series) Driver Only

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