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Product Diagram

Hunza Lighting Transformer

Power Supply

CAT. NO H20 / H40 / H50

The H Series Transformer is an internal (non waterproof) 12 volt lighting transformer designed to operate at the lowest possible temperature.

Due to its low profile the H Series Transformer fit through a 63mm (2 1/2") diameter hole.

Wiring is made much easier by the use of a 25 amp (6mm or 1/4" diameter terminal) connector-block, which facilitates quick and easy wire-in and loop-out connections.

For interior use only.


120 volt 60Hz or 230/240 volt 50 Hz.


12 volts AC – 50 watt 4.2 amp / 40 watt 3.3 amp / 20 watt 2.0 amp.


AS3108, W/2306

Transformers carry a five year replacement warranty.