Hunza Ultra 35 Pole Spot Liquid Beam Tunable White PS_U35-Hunza Ultra 35 Pole Spot Product Diagram
PS_U35-Hunza Ultra 35 Pole Spot Product Diagram

Ultra 35 Liquid Beam™ Tunable White Pole Spot Light

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The Hunza™ Ultra 35 Liquid Beam™ Intelligent Luminaire range packs a punch. Integrating multiple technologies into one streamlined product providing control at your fingertips. The standard Ultra 35 Luminaire has been enhanced to facilitate Casambi technology, Bluetooth & Liquid Beam™ Control. Available with a Flange Mount option.

Liquid Beam™ Technology:

The Solid State Light Beam is controlled via Bluetooth, adjustable between 10-50 degrees. No need to service the fixture to adjust the beam.

Fully Customisable via Bluetooth:

  • Adjust colours: Full hue spectrum & colour temperature.
  • Enabled switches, sensors, and other Bluetooth devices.
  • Set multiple scenes/groupings for each area.
  • Calendars and timer settings.

Simple App Control:

Control all fixtures in one interface & integrates with other Bluetooth devices (switches & sensors) via Casambi’s Bluetooth iOS or Android App.

Simplify or Customise with Casambi:

Casmabi-ready Luminaires are Bluetooth enabled so they do not require WiFi routers & gateways. The Liquid Beam™ Luminaire will operate on your existing power circuits without new wiring. You can also retrofit Casambi modules into existing switches, lamps/luminaires. 

Casambi is advanced enough for complex installs; integrations & setups, administrator permission, an unlimited number of luminaries and much more.

Find out more about Casmabi Smart Lighting System:

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Liquid Beam™ LED

LED Chip

Liquid Beam Tunable White LED


600 total Lumens all colours on, delivered from the Luminaire with unobstructed beam

Lumens Per Watt

80 Lumens @ 7.5 watts, delivered from Luminaire with unobstructed beam


80 Standard, 90 Available

Colour Temperatures

2700K - 5700K Tunable White

Beam Angles

Liquid Beam™ Technology Solid State Control 10 to 50 Deg

Physical Properties


Solid Powder Coated Aluminium

Inverse Kinematics Rating


Ingress Protection



Electronics = 5 years, Aluminium Body = 5 years


BS/EN 60598.2.2 cUL 1598, CSA C22.2 No. 250.0 CE

Power Supply Options

Recommended Power Supply

R: RETRO, 100-240VAC , D24: 24VDC DRIVER

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