Ellerslie Flower Show Part 2

Ellerslie Flower Show Part 2

Jenny Pullar was commissioned by the Ellerslie Flower Show to do site beautification lighting in specified areas. She used HUNZA lights for lighting the waterside areas featured in this case study. In our first case study from the show we looked at how a few well-placed light fittings could transform a courtyard or small garden after dark. In this case study we'll be looking at how Jenny illuminated the extensive lakeside plantings of flax, oioi and grass.

​Blue tinted lenses

Blue tinted lenses on Twin Pole Lites pick up the shape and silvery colour of the flax, while lavender tints enhance the oioi colourings.

Using coloured lenses

Tinted glass lenses enhance the natural colours of the planting and avoid the general 'yellowing' caused by halogen lamp sources

Use different coloured lenses to enhance the contrast between the different shapes and textures of the plantings

Blue tinted light works well to pick out the silvery tones of flax

In contrast, the green and lavender tints were effective with the oioi and grasses

Fittings were either mounted midway up the plant, or shining up.from ground level. The HUNZA™ range of solid copper Twin Pole, Twin Bar and Spike Spots with MR16 lamps were used.

According to Jenny, "it was a joy to work with such beautifully engineered lights. I especially liked the ease of focusing and how good the lights looked in the daytime. Tinted glass lenses were used to enhance the natural colours of the planting and avoid the general 'yellowing' caused by halogen lamp sources."

cabbage trees

This lighting of the cabbage trees and lancewoods was highly effective. Judicious use of green-tinted uplighting picks up the interesting shape and colour of the cabbage tree and creates a striking contrast with the night sky. A product like the Spike Spot Adjustable can be mounted at ground level, with separate lamps illuminating the head and the trunk of the tree. Make an effort to conceal the light fitting to reduce glare, and don't be tempted to over light.