Promus Mains/line Voltage


Many Hunza Promus equipped fixtures are available with a 120/240 volt Retro transformer built into the luminaire, allowing the fixture to be connected to line or mains voltage.

This option may be preferred in situations where an existing line/mains voltage fixture is being replaced, where there are very long cable runs, or in commercial applications where low voltage wiring is not the preferred system.

The Retro transformer options are as follows:

USA/CANADA – Hatch RS12-60M-LED (non dimmable)

OTHER COUNTRIES – HUNZA PS12VDC107 (0-10v dimmable)

See also the following specification sheets:

Retro Pole

Retro Wall

Promus GU10 LED lamps

Some Hunza fixtures can be specified with a Promus GU10 LED lamp, which allows the fixture to be connected directly to 120-240V power. For more information please see Promus Plug-In LED page.