Pure LED Integral 12vac Driver

12VAC Remote Magnetic Transformer - Integral 12VAC Driver Version

Many Hunza PURE LED fixtures are available with a 12 volt AC driver built into the luminaire, allowing the fixture to be connected to a remote 12 volt magnetic landscape transformer such as the Hunza Wall Mount Transformer or Hunza Inground Transformer (the Hunza Inground Transformer is not UL Listed for use in the USA/CANADA).

Parallel Wiring:

One advantage of the 12 volt AC option is that it uses the more traditional parallel wiring (see the LED Wiring System Diagram), however the installation may be more expensive due to the requirement for additional driver components and heavier duty cable, and the dimming/control performance is also more limited.

Voltage Drop:

Voltage drop calculations need to be carefully monitored to ensure the right combination of transformer wattage and cable gauge is selected to best suit the number of fixtures and cable length. 

To help with this calculation, please refer to this Transformer Voltage Drop/Cable Gauge Chart and also these Parallel Wiring System Options and Examples.


Note that effective dimming requires a dimmable transformer and a phase-cut dimmer that is specifically suited to the transformer type. Generally speaking, a dimmable, magnetic 12v landscape transformer requires a leading edge or triac dimmer designed for low voltage magnetic loads. With these systems, dimming down to about 30% should be achieved.

If you are using a smart control system, please check carefully with the supplier to ensure the system is compatible with low voltage magnetic transformers and you may need to use a bridging interface to suit the transformer type.