Voltage Drop & Wire Gauge Chart

Voltage Drop

Low voltage luminaires provide a very safe and simple system for installing outdoor lighting, due to the fact that the majority of the power feed cables are carrying only a 12 volt current and therefore can be installed close to the ground surface.

Installers should note that low voltages have a tendency to drop below optimum levels over long cable distances and care must be taken to compensate for this by increasing the cable size or output voltage at the transformer.

The Voltage Drop Chart provides a means of calculating the appropriate combination of distance and cable gauge for an installation using standard single cable run wiring.

Cable distances can also be increased by changing the wiring set-up to a Looped Single Cable Run (or by using a multi-tap transformer such as the Wall Mount Transformer).

To calculate cable size and distances for the Wall Mount Transformer, please obtain a Hunza Low Voltage Cable Calculator from your local representative or distributor.

Wire Gauge

Wire Gauge

The Voltage Drop Chart also contains a handy conversion guide from the metric wire system to American cable gauges.