Magtech 120V Retro Driver Constant Current


CAT. NO LD-CU7017-05

The Magtech LD-CU7017-05 is a 700mA constant current driver supplied with Hunza 120V PURE LED Retro fixtures. It includes over temperature protection, short-circuit protection, waterproof potting and

a PC plastic case. Not dimmable.


Voltage Range (VAC) 100V-240Vac ± 6%

Frequency Range (Hz) 50Hz/60Hz

AC Current 0.3A@115VAC / 0.15A@230VAC

Max. Inrush Current 18A

Leakage Current <1mA / 240 Vac


Voltage Range (VDC) 3-17 Vdc

Rated Current Range (mA) 700mA ± 6%

Rated Power (W) 12W

Weight 0.12kg (4oz)

Efficiency (Typ.) 75%

Ambient Temp. 20°C~+50°C full load .

Standards: IP65, UL recognised

Ordering Code: LD-CU7017-05

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