Product Care

Hunza uses the highest quality materials in the construction of our luminaires. To prolong the life and maximize the performance of our products we recommend the following product care and maintenance procedures. Please do not use oven cleaner under any circumstances.

Powdercoated Aluminium Finishes

At Hunza we only use low copper, machine-grade aluminium in the manufacture of our luminaires, which provides excellent adherence to the baked, powder coat finish. Powder coated aluminium provides an excellent blend of characteristics for outdoor luminaires, offering good strength and durability, a wide range of colours, superior heat dissipation, high resistance to UV and cost effectiveness.

To keep your powdercoated aluminium fixtures in the best condition, please clean by wiping gently with a damp, soft cloth or chamois and window cleaner. Do not use metal polishing compounds. To restore the lustre of the paint finish, use a silicon spray.

Powdercoated aluminium fixtures are not recommended for installation near the sea or close to salt water.

Stainless Steel Finishes

At Hunza we only use 316 grade stainless in the manufacture of our luminaires, which provides one of the best levels of corrosion resistance for this type of metal, subject to standard cleaning procedures.

Hunza strongly recommends our electro-polished finish for stainless steel fixtures, especially those that are installed near the sea or in a salty environment. This will increase the surface protection by up to 33% and reduce the maintenance requirements, especially in high-risk environments such as those subject to salt-laden air. Electropolishing is a process that removes the minute flaws on the surface level of stainless steel using an electric current. This smoothed surface reduces corrosion and gives an attractive finish. Hunza stainless steel luminaires are supplied with a special high-temperature grease on the trim threads to ensure easy disassembly for re-lamping.

To keep your stainless steel fixtures in the best condition, clean them regularly by scrubbing with a nylon brush, detergent and water. Specialist stainless steel brightening gels are available but be aware that they are highly corrosive to other surfaces.

Surface (tea) staining may occur if stainless steel fixtures are not washed regularly. If this should occur, in most cases the staining can be removed with a stainless steel cleaning compound, available from most supermarkets.

Natural Copper & Bronze Finishes

Copper and Bronze are ideal materials for outdoor luminaire construction as they have a natural, earthy appearance and excellent resistance to corrosion (rust) over a very long time. As copper ages, the hue develops from a natural salmon sheen through a progression of russet browns, greys and finally to a blue-green or grey-green patina. Another natural advantage of copper and bronze is that any scratches on the surface will not affect the life expectancy of the metal as a new patina will redevelop to complete the protection.

Copper and bronze fixtures do not need to be regularly cleaned as they will continue to patina over time. If cleaning is required, wipe over with a damp soft cloth or chamois with detergent and water. When dry, a liquid furniture cream polish can be applied, and the excess wiped off, which will even out and darken the natural patina slightly.

Please see our Lighting Clinic page for more information on our finishes.