Safety And Security With Exterior Lighting

When designing your landscape, it’s important to keep in mind how lighting can elevate the safety & security of your home

Effective outdoor lighting is a combination of well-planned design, appropriate light intensity, and the strategic placement of fixtures. By considering these factors, you can create a safer and more secure outdoor environment for your property.

Considering the impact of lighting the exterior of your home is significant when crafting a safe space for your family. Beyond aesthetics and street appeal, lighting will ensure safe navigation and help to deter unwanted visitors. It’s also important to ensure your lighting has been used thoughtfully in order to reduce the impact on wildlife and light pollution.

Here are our top 3 tips to keep in mind when putting together your lighting plan:

1. Illuminate Points Of Entry To Your Home

Intentional lighting around the entry points of your home such as your front door, gates, side doors and garage. These spaces are super important to keep well lit as black out areas create weak points in your security. Lighting creates a psychological barrier, deflecting interest from unwanted visitors.

2. Highlight Trip Hazards

This one is pretty straightforward, but task lighting around steps or changes of elevation will help to prevent accidents. Reducing these potential dangers will help to improve the comfort and safety of your exterior space; improving activity and navigation at night.

3. Reduce Glare & Light Pollution

When selecting the lights you use in your landscape, something to consider is the impact of glare and light pollution from extreme lighting. Carefully selecting beam angles and utilising accessories such as glare guards will help to prevent blinding passersby or impacting wildlife who have nocturnal habits. Making selective and considerate choices in your lighting decisions will help to reduce your overall impact and create a safe environment for the people within it.

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