Reduce Glare & Create Controlled Lighting with Hunza® Accessories

Control the Direction and Intensity of Light with Our Outdoor Lighting Accessories

Lighting accessories such as glare guards or snoots are incredibly useful tools that can help improve the quality and efficiency of your lighting system. Direct glare or reflected glare can cause fatigue, loss of concentration and impact tasks that need to be performed in a particular space.

Whether you’re looking to reduce glare, enhance safety, improve aesthetics, or customise your lighting, there’s an accessory that can help you achieve your desired result.

Glare Guards

Glare guards, also known as visors or shields, are essential accessories for outdoor lighting fixtures. They are designed to minimise glare and light pollution by blocking direct light from shining into the eyes of passersby. By reducing glare and directing light where it is needed, glare guards can help create a lighting system which enhances visual comfort and productivity. Glare guards can be used with a variety of our luminaires, and are customised to match the selected material.


A snoot is a tube-shaped accessory that attaches to the front of a lighting fixture. It is designed to direct light in a specific direction and control the spread of the beam. By narrowing the beam of light, snoots can help reduce unwanted light spill. This can help create a more visually appealing environment and draw attention to specific areas within the space. Similarly to glare guards, this is also an accessory option for many of our products and can be customised to fit your project.

Hex Cell Louvres

A hex cell louvre is a type of lighting accessory that is used to control the direction and spread of light in a space. The purpose of a hex cell louvre is to reduce glare, control light direction, and prevent unwanted light spill. The hexagonal cells are designed to block light from certain angles while allowing it to pass through from others, creating a more even distribution of light and reducing glare. These can be added on as a lens option for many of our lights.

Frosted Lens

A frosted lens is a type of lighting accessory that is used to diffuse light and reduce glare. It typically has a textured surface that scatters the light, creating a more even distribution of light and reducing harsh shadows. This creates a soft and diffused light that is more comfortable for the eyes. Frosted lenses can also be used to hide the light source or fixture itself, creating a more seamless and cohesive look. We have both frosted and opaque lens available, depending on the fixture.

Hunza® Black Label Warranty

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