Lead Times

Hunza® Made To Order Lead Times

Effective Date — 29.06.2023

No mass production. No assembly lines. Quality allows no room for compromise. Each luminaire we produce is meticulously crafted using the latest CNC machining technology and then hand assembled by people who take personal pride in the quality of each product.

Copper or Stainless Finish

Order SizeApprox Time
Small Order5-10 Working Days
Over 50pc2-4 Weeks
Over 100pc6-8 Weels

Powder Coated Aluminium

Order SizeApprox Time
Small Order10-15 Working Days
Over 50pc4-6 Weeks
Over 100pc8-10 Weeks

Architectural & Commercial Range

Order SizeApprox Time
Small Order2-4 Weeks
Over 50pc8-10 Weeks

Custom Manufacturing Time Frames

Small Modifications4-6 Weeks
Fully Customised ProductBy Agreement