Hunza® Solid Metals — Selecting the Right Material for Your Outdoor Lighting Project

Choosing your fixture material is an important step when specifying exterior lighting. The material of your fixtures has a large impact on your landscape design not only in appearance, but in durability and functionality. 

Hunza® Solid Metals — Selecting the Right Material for Your Outdoor Lighting Project

At Hunza, our lighting design is grounded within creating superior products that will last for a long time. The materials we use are of the highest quality, with each part thoughtfully constructed and machined in order to maximise performance and endurance within a harsh outdoor environment. 

Project — Landscape Workshop | Photographer — Natalie McComas

Our material options range from powder coated aluminium right through to cast solid bronze, with each material carefully selected and developed to meet our extremely high standards. Read on for information about each material, so you can be sure you select the right one for your project. 

Durability & Long-Lasting Effects

Outdoor lighting is naturally more susceptible to harsh conditions. By choosing high quality and robust metals, you can comfortably design your lighting with the knowledge that it will last. Consider the specific climate of your location and factors such as salt water or high mineral content. Fixtures that will be in-ground which may be driven or walked over will need to be of a superior quality.

Mix & Match Materials

Combining various colours and textures in your light fixtures can significantly enhance your landscape design. This variation can establish focal points within your outdoor area. Bold and distinct fixtures draw attention and become centerpieces that guide the eye and create a sense of visual hierarchy. This can be particularly effective when highlighting architectural elements, landscaping features, or specific areas of interest.

By keeping it simple and opting for two to three different finishes, you can prevent any visual confusion whilst also complementing the natural atmosphere of an outdoor environment. As a general rule, match the colour temperature across your scene for consistency.

Project — Dan Gordon Landscape Architects | Photographer — Chris Rucinski

Blend Into Your Landscape

By emulating the surrounding nature through your choice of finishes, you can enhance the overall aesthetic and integration of the fixtures within the landscape. More obtrusive fixture materials can blend within the landscape, hiding the source of light. This can in itself be a point of interest, allowing the lighting effects to shine as the central focus. Try matching the powder coat colour to the surroundings or choose a metal which develops a patina. 

Choose a High IP Rated Luminaire

A higher IP rating, such as IP66 or IP67, offers superior protection against moisture and dust, making it ideal for outdoor environments. Check out our resource page on IP ratings here.

The majority of our fixtures sit around the IP67-68 mark, so you can have peace of mind knowing that they will withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain functionality and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Solid Copper & Bronze

Copper and Bronze have a natural, earthy appearance and excellent resistance to corrosion (rust) over a very long time. They are also perfect for salt water environments or soils with high mineral content. 

As copper ages, the hue develops from a natural salmon sheen through a progression of russet browns, greys and finally to a blue-green or grey-green patina. Any scratches on the surface will not affect the life expectancy of the metal as a new patina will redevelop to complete the protection.

316 Stainless Steel

We only use 316 grade stainless steel, which provides one of the best levels of corrosion resistance for this type of metal. Our stainless steel luminaires are machined from very high grade, solid and hollow bar stock, with heavy-duty wall thickness (typically 9mm or 11/32”). 

Stainless steel provides a perfect blend of characteristics for today’s contemporary architecture, with a stylish, semi-industrial appearance and the hardness that makes it ideal for high-usage areas, both indoors and out.

Powder Coated Aluminium

Our powder coated aluminium luminaires are machined from very high grade, solid and hollow bar stock, with heavy-duty wall thickness (typically 10mm or 3/8″), and high resistance to deterioration.

We use low copper, machine-grade aluminium in the manufacture of our luminaires, which provides excellent adherence to the baked, powder coat finish. Powder coated aluminium offers good strength and durability, a wide range of colours, superior heat dissipation, high resistance to UV and cost effectiveness.

Hunza® Black Label Warranty

Get the benefit of the legendary Hunza® reputation for high quality and long life. We back this up with an extended warranty, offering up to 25 years* on body components and 5 years on electrical components.
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