CAT. NO BOL300 & BOL700

The 300mm (12") Bollard is ideal for gardens, where as the 700mm (27") is more suitable for driveways, walkways, car parks, etc. The lens reflects light at two angles through an anti-glare mesh directly onto the ground and horizontally to illuminate the surrounding landscape. Constructed of tubular aluminium with a UV stable powder coated finish or machined from solid copper or 316 stainless steel. It has a mirror finished twin angle reflector and UV stable acrylic lens with anti-glare mesh. Suitable for use with an MR16 - 20 or 35 watt lamp and is supplied with a high quality European 5000 hour lamp. This option changes the luminaire to an IP66 rating. A GU10 option can be specified with a 25 watt lamp and this changes the luminaire to an IP66 rating. Anti-glare hood is available, for all Bollards except 316 stainless steel.

Alternative Light Sources:

MR16 20 or 35 watt, Promus MR16 LED, Promus GU10 LED


Physical Properties


Solid Powdercoated Aluminium, Copper or 316 Stainless Steel

Ingress Protection



AS/NZS 61046, IP56/IP66, UL 1838, CSA C22.2 No. 250.7


Power Supply Options

HUNZA Buriable IG20 or IG50 safety isolating transformer (single installation) or multi installation with IG40, IG100, IG150 or IG200 safety isolating transformers or HUNZA™ Wall Mount series WM100 - WM300 Double Insulated Safety Isolating Transformers, RETRO™ 120/240 volt transformer #/R.

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