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Ultra 35 RGBW Pole Spot

Architectural & Commercial, Pole Mount, RGBW Colour Change


The Ultra 35 RGBW Pole Spot has been designed to be mounted on horizontal surfaces. It can be used for wall washing, to provide directional light and to highlight architectural features and structural elements. It has a fully adjustable head allowing 360 degrees rotation and 0-120 degrees elevation and can be fixed in place using the inbuilt locking mechanism. The pole height can be specified, as required, up to 2 metres 6ft 6". 

It incorporates a high-output, multi-colour LED system that is controlled by DMX to produce any colour in the visible spectrum, including pastels and various shades of white. 

Our RGBW LED system is superior to older RGBW systems in that a range of warm white colour temperatures can be achieved, as well as a much more extensive range of subtle hues.

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Pure LED

LED Chip

LED ENGIN LZP RGBW field replaceable LED board


1400 Lumens @ 350mA

Lumens Per Watt

54 Lumens minimum @ 26 watts

Colour Temperature

RGBW (White CCT 6500)

Beam Angles

13, 30, 40 Degrees

Physical Properties


Solid Powdercoated Aluminium

Inverse Kinematics Rating


Ingress Protection



BS/EN 60598.2.2, CE, UL 2108

Power Supply Options

Recommended Power Supply

Supplied by Hunza: SRPC-2108-150CCF or PWR106S1.

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