Hunza® Promus GU10 110/240V 5W LED Lamp


Hunza offers a range of High Quality, LED lamps that plug into our standard Halogen lamp holders and operate with our standard transformers. GU10 lamps can be connected directly to 120/240 volt household power supply.

  • Beam Angles - 25, 45 or 60 degrees
  • Luminous Flux - 320 lumens
  • Colour Temperature - 3000k
  • Life - Up to 30,000 Hours
  • Recommended for - Most Hunza GU10 luminaires*
RECOMMENDED for use in Hunza GU10 Luminaries. *Other third party Plug-In LED Lamps are NOT RECOMMENDED for use in Hunza Luminaries. This is due to the variation in heat dissipation and water ingress cause by other brands of Plug-In LED Lamps .
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