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Plug-In Circuit Board

Truly the heart of the Pure LED system is Hunza’s Plug-and-Play circuit board that allows the LED to easily be unplugged and replaced in the field.

The unique design delivers maximum performance from the market-leading Cree LED chips and, in the event of an LED problem, the Plug-and-Play feature allows easy replacement or upgrade of the LED chip.

This diagram shows how the LED board is secured to the electronics “pot” underneath the machined aluminium heat sink. The two screws serve a dual purpose, ensuring secure installation of the board, while also acting as the contacts for conducting the electrical current.

The LED board has a coating of a special compound on the underside surface to maximise heat-transfer efficiently.

The aluminium heat-sink fits snugly inside the fixtures body, so heat is transferred quickly and efficiently away from the LED chips,

This system enables Hunza to obtain maximum light output from the LED without compromising the life of the component.