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Protection Circuits

Hunza includes advanced protection circuitry in 6W and 4W Series version PureLED light engines to help guard against damage from incorrect wiring and simplify the task of identifying a failed LED.

Each of these light engines include a removable “series pot” plugged into the back of the fixture, which houses a circuit board. This board carries the necessary wiring and components to deliver power to the LED chip. However, it also includes additional components to protect the system and simplify maintenance. 

One of these components is called an LED shunt, which diverts power around the LED chip, should it fail for any reason. Normally a failure like this will result in every fixture in the series losing power.

The Hunza LED shunt ensures that the rest of the fixtures stay working, making it simple to identify the failed LED, as well as keeping most of the lights on until the damaged one is fixed.