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Safetouch Gimbal

Hunza has revolutionised in-ground LED technology by developing the unique SafeTouch Gimbal system, as used in the SafeTouch 50, SafeTouch 100 and SafeTouch 150 product ranges.

The LED board is mounted on a spherical, aluminium “eyeball” gimbal that swivels inside a precision-machined heat-sink. Thereby maximising the surface area available for heat transfer, while providing 360 degree rotation and 0-20 degree elevation adjustment in any direction.

Heat is readily transferred from the LED module into the heavy duty fixture body, and from there into the surrounding installation medium.

The heat is further reduced by means of air flow channels spaced around the perimeter of the outer collar. This is demonstrated in the diagrams below.

This allows the LED chip to operate at higher current levels – with a resulting increase in lumen output – while staying with the safe temperature limits specified by Cree.

The unique swivel design of the eyeball allows the LED module to be aimed in any direction and then locking in place. This provides full 360 degree rotation and 0-20 degree elevation adjustment. 

Hunza uses a single light source – Cree COB Module – in all the Safetouch Gimbal modules, to minimise the luminaire size and achieve a highly elegant and attractive appearance.