Copper is an ideal material for luminaire construction

Hunza copper luminaires are machined from very high grade, solid and hollow bar stock, with heavy-duty wall thickness (typically 10mm or 3/8”). Our copper has exceptional resistance to deterioration and minimal maintenance requirements.

Copper is an ideal material for outdoor luminaire construction as it has a natural, earthy appearance and excellent resistance to corrosion over a long period of time.

It is the naturally aged look – patina or verdigris (from the Old French “verte grez”, an alteration of “vert-de-Grice” or “green of Greece”.) – that copper is best known for. This adds a classical, timeless quality to buildings and landscape environments.

The decorative, natural, protective coating of a blue-green patina characterizes many of the older copper roofs, statues and construction features. The copper used on ancient structures such as the Berlin Cathedral Dome and the Statue of Liberty are all covered with a green patina finish.

The patina consists of an insoluble copper carbonate, which binds tightly to the copper surface and prevents further deterioration of the metal. The patina process takes many years and is influenced by the presence of salt, moisture, acidity and exposure to sunlight.

As the copper ages, the hue develops from a natural salmon sheen through a progression of russet browns, greys and finally to a blue-green or gray-green patina. Another natural advantage of copper is that any scratches on the surface will not affect the life expectancy of the metal as a new patina will redevelop to complete the protection. 

The natural brown and green colours developed by the ageing copper enable landscape fixtures to blend perfectly with plants, trees and garden materials.

Hunza copper luminaires are supplied with a special high-temperature grease on the trim threads to ensure easy disassembly for re-lamping. The fixtures require very little maintenance apart from the periodic replacement of lamps.

Hunza copper luminaires are covered by a 10 year warranty.

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