This simple lighting design combines drama with safety by uplighting the native Pukas at the rear and highlighting the steps that access the grassed area. Hunza™ Step Light Eyelids illuminate both the steps and forward over the deck.

The Hunza™ In-ground Lawn Light highlights the Pukas. This fixture can be installed below the normal cutting height to allow lawn mowing without impediment. 

In this design the midzone is left dark to create a dramatic contrast. This visually separates the foreground from the background and diminishes the sense of depth. 

The alternative would have been to light – in addition – either or both side boundaries, which would have softened the contrast and increased the sense of depth. 

The Hunza™ Step Light Eyelids facing forward throw some low level and non-glare illumination towards the entertaining area on the deck. Step lights should always be mounted as low as possible to avoid glare. It is generally not necessary to light every step.

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