This case study explores the possibilities that careful positioning of low voltage fixtures can achieve after dark. We look at how to use landscape lighting to achieve a number of goals: 

1. Highlighting focal points 

2. Creating a mood for entertainment and use at night 

3. Providing simple visual pleasure

4. Providing a safe environment for people to move around 

The lighting designer has the advantage of starting with a blank canvas that he or she can manipulate to emphasize the features that are most pleasing to the owner and at the same time disguise less desirable areas or zones. This ability has the effect of creating two very different settings when comparing night and day.

Here’s a good example of creating a strong focal point at night with the use of light directed from above and to the side of the figurine. This generates much more drama than the corresponding daytime image where the figure is much less noticeable. The arms of the statue in the foreground get the treatment from a low mounted Spike Spot Adjustable. 

This area of the landscape tends not to be used at night, therefore looking at the landscape is more important than use. 

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