Lighting Pacific recently joined forces with lighting designer Jane Purdue of Jane Purdue design in Lyttelton to provide an exterior lighting solution for the new Loaded Hog development on the Wellington waterfront. 

Jane was committed to presenting a long term, low maintenance package to the owners of this extremely demanding location. Her research concluded with the specification of the HUNZA 316 stainless steel range of fixtures supplied through the local branch of Advance electrical wholesalers. This case study looks at how Jane used these fixtures.

The two levels on the waterfront side of the building, where the HUNZA™ Wall Spot in 316 stainless has been installed with the Glare Guard accessory. 

On the upper level, the Glare Guard and the height of positioning enabled light to be pushed out to the table settings without excessive glare in the field of view. 

On the lower level a higher aiming angle was possible, with the Wall Spot and Glare Guard providing light further out on the waterfront deck. 

The HUNZA Wall Spot and glare guard is featured here again above the lower level on the car park side of the building, this time adjusted to a completely vertical angle. 

The fittings that have some wooden panelled cladding to work on produce a pleasing architectural effect.

Showing the covered lower level outdoor dining area (yes, there are days in Wellington when you can eat outdoors!), this image demonstrates the use of the HUNZA™ IP rated recessed Eave Lite, again in 316 stainless steel including stainless canister and clips. This fitting is also available in solid copper. 

Using low wattage lamps to maintain the ambience, this positioning provides the required light level directly over the tables to ensure that the medium rare steak you ordered is exactly that. 

The Pillars are highlighted individually to both create an architectural feature and to support the overall ambient light level.

To maintain their appearance over their lifetime, exterior stainless steel products installed in coastal locations need to be washed and then cleaned with readily available commercial preparations.

Hunza 316 stainless and solid copper fittings carry a 10 year warranty excluding lamps and lamp holders. 

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