This garden was designed for a newly finished Spec House for new owners who bought the home at near completion stage. The garden design is by Michael Mansvelt from Plantation. 

The garden faced one major obstacle: its western aspect meant the majority of the site was exposed to the vicious Taranaki salt-laden westerly wind. However, it also exposed a fantastic panoramic view of New Plymouth city and the New Plymouth coastline.

The solution was two fold. First, we stepped the first patio area out to the view, with in-scored concrete. 

Next, we created a second walled courtyard area on the eastern sheltered side of the house with three very special water features and built in seating, as compensation for this area not having any view at all. The rational was, when it’s sheltered you have one place and when the wind is blowing you have another. 

The planting was designed to allude to a less hostile climate and salt tolerant sub-tropical plants like Kentia Palms, Grissellinea, Xeronema and Protea were chosen.

Eyelid lights, again in stainless, sit proudly on the end of the “Fins” marking the water features into the seats. Again, here light is subtle and their appearance is a nice detailing as well, during daylight hours. 

Kentia palms and a specimen Pohutakawa have all been up lit to dramatise their appearance, and tell a story of warmer evenings. 

The effect is strong and dramatic without being overpowering. As we were choosing light fittings the owner pointed out that the existing fittings the builder had chosen for the house had, in a few short months, shown signs of rust and corrosion. It was clear that any fittings we were to use in this environment had to be the best possible quality, that’s why we chose Hunza™. 

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